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About Swimming Specialists

About Swimming Specialists

Our mission

is to be able to provide for the Australian Swimming and Leisure trade at the best industry prices for each product range and brand quality. This includes Clubs, Schools, Retailers, Teams, Organisations and Corporations.

Our product/ services based on
niche market demands

The product and brand ranges selected by swimming specialist are the best of their kind and hold a niche market advantage according to the function they serve.
This is further enhanced by the fact that each product is made of the highest industry quality and standards globally.

Always improving

Swimming Specialists keeps abreast of market and product developments and will alter its range as deemed necessary with the aim of continually staying up to date with the very latest advances in product and brand technology.
This allows our customers to always have the best product of its kind within in each range and brand.


Swimming Specialists is an international swim corporation which is involved in the manufacturing and specialization of swimming goods world wide including being the Australian distributors for the worlds leading technical brand FINIS and the worlds leading wetsuit and swimskin brand blueseventy.

Having been involved in the swim industry for over 12 years swimming specialists has become industry leaders in production of swim caps, parka’s, in-water and out water stretch cordz, swim inflatables, silicone goggles and learn to swim swimwear.

  • To contact us about selling or bulk buying any of the swimming brands and products seen on this page please use the contact page provided. We will be happy to tailor a product range or particular service suitable for your