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Swimming specialists is the Australian Distributor of leading edge triathlon, open water and swimming brand blueseventy

The blueseventy Brand

Winner of best wetsuit design 3 different years
Official partner of FINA 10km Swimming World Cup

Since 1993 Blueseventy is a brand that has designed, tested, refined and crafted wetsuits and swimskins that transcend the confines of what is possible. In the process, its products have carried world-class athletes to victory and instilled confidence in beginners. The brand swims, compete and obsess – poring over details that others have and will continue to miss; revolutionary details that equate to comfort, freedom from restriction and competitive advantage. Blueseventy make products that empower swimmers to achieve their personal bests. Blue seventy are swimming. And swimming specialist brings blueseventy to you and the market of Australia.

Wetsuit Range

Wetsuit Range

In Australia blueseventy wetsuits have become the market leaders in both Olympic and Ironman Triathlon, the suits quality, technology and after sale service provided from the brand has made a blueseventy wetsuit a common choice from retailer and users alike. The blueseventy wetsuit range is able to serve the needs of social and ocean swimmers, beginner triathletes, financial conscious buyers to world champion’s customers wanting the best of the best. All suits though sharing different features come with the same quality standards guaranteed to exceed customer’s expectations in and out of the water.

Swim Skins

Swim Skins In the Ocean

In the Ocean

In 2006 Blueseventy dedicated their passion for serving triathlon needs by designing a swim skin that could be used in non-wetsuit Triathlon racing. Though due to the fabrics neutral buoyancy feature they also became legal to use in all Open water swims. “2007, the pointzero3 swim skin was the number one choice for athletes wanting a suit for events when wetsuits were not permitted.”

Swim Skins In the pool

In the pool

In 2008 after spending 17 years as a brand leader in triathlon and open water swimming blueseventy due to athlete driven demand took their passion and dedication for the open water and translated it into product specifically designed for pool swimming.
This currently is the Nero Comp Range. A technical race suits used in pool swimming specially for racing. This suit has been used by athletes that have a achieved world record time, Olympic medals and many more great achievements. All their swim product are currently FINA Approved for use in all Pool events and remains as one of the leading swimming race suit brands in the world.

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